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Welcome to Templenewsam Halton Primary School

Events happening at school W/C 20th June: School Meal Rotation WK1: Tuesday 21st June Reception Sports Day 1.30pm | Wednesday 22nd June Nursery Sports Day 10am/1.30pm | Thursday 23rd June - Y5/6 Sports Day 10am ; Y3/4 Sports Day 1.30pm; Summer Fayre 3.15pm - 4.15pm | Friday 24th June Y1/2 Sports Day 10am

If you would like to apply for a place at our Nursery, please go to the information section and click on Reception/Nursery Admission for further information the link to register on our waiting list.

Pictures from School Council Parliament Trip to London

New additional email addresses

We have been reviewing our communication methods with parents and in order for your queries to be dealt with more efficiently we have created additional email addresses that will be monitored directly by the required team. The email addresses can be found on our website for your reference:

For general queriesInfo@tnhps.rklt.co.uk

Phase Emails  - Monitored before and after school.
Used to share concerns, questions etc about learning or behavior. All messages relating to picking up, appointments, lunch choice etc – should go to the Info email
Queries for Nursery & Reception - EYFS@tnhps.rklt.co.uk 
Queries for Year 1 & 2 - KS1@tnhps.rklt.co.uk  
Queries for Year 3 & 4 - LKS2@tnhps.rklt.co.uk  
Queries for Year 5 & 6 - UKS2@tnhps.rklt.co.uk
Pastoral@tnhps.rklt.co.uk Mrs Beaumont and Mrs Riches  will  be monitoring throughout the day.
SENDCO@tnhps.rklt.co.uk – Mrs Preistnall will be monitoring emails Monday to Wednesday. Any emails sent Thursday or Friday will be responded to on her return.
HutstersBC@tnhps.rklt.co.uk  - Office Team and Mrs Ullah will be monitoring throughout the day
Admissions@tnhps.rklt.co.uk – For queries relating to Mid Year transfer, New Reception Starters and New Nursery Starters

We trust by implementing these emails it will help in resolving your queries more efficiently

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