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Week Commencing 10th February: School meal rotation - Week 3 | Wednesady 12th February - Y1 Space assembly - 9.15am | Thursday 13th February - Y4 Cober Hill meeting - 3.15pm | Friday 14th February - School closes

Welcome to Templenewsam Halton Primary School

Templenewsam Halton Primary is a happy school with caring relationships at the heart of everything we do.

We aim to grow children, in partnership with parents, who are resilient, able to love and care for others, able to make the right choices and have a love of learning.

We do this by creating a climate of challenge for our children and staff in which it is safe to make mistakes secure in the knowledge that we will all support each other to aim high.

Karen Patel, Headteacher

Gill Court, Chair of Governors

Characteristics of an Effective Learner

As you will be well aware, the curriuculum taught in school is extensive and covers a wide range of exciting learning opportunities. At school we enjoy teaching this broad range of subjects but in order to enable us to do this effectively we also have to consider what we call 'the hidden curriculum'. This is all of the different skills that children will need to succeed in their time in school and covers areas such as independence, resilience, adaptability etc. We call these the 'Characteristics of an Effective Learner'.

In school we have recently reviewed these skills and set them out in a document that details what we would expect to see from our children as they reach the end of each year in school. The documents are presented below as we would like to share these with parents and carers. We hope you will find them useful as a guide to our expectations of your child as they progress through our school. 

The School Curriculum

This year, with many of our staff moving to new year groups, we have taken the opportunity to review our Curriculum. We now have updated plans for what children will be learning in all subjects for each year group. Some topics and areas of learning have been very successful over the last few years and will therefore continue to be taught. For other subjects and topics there are some new and exciting changes. You can view the Long Term Plans for your child's year group by going to the 'Information' tab on the right and following the links to the curriculum. If you scroll to the bottom of that page you will see a 'Curriculum' link that can be clicked on that will take you to the documents. We hope that you will find this useful and will enjoy talking to your child about what they have been learning and what is coming up as the year progresses.

We hope to be able to expand this section of the website with useful materials to support learning at home and with photographs of what the children have been doing in school. 

Thank you for your continued support.

Last week was engineering week. Children across the entire school were set the task of designing and building a Go-Kart. The challenge was to get the Kart to go from the Y3/4 playground to the bottom of the Y1/2 playground in a single push. In order for this to be achieved the children had to work out how they could make their Kart go faster and run smoothly. During the entire week pupils undertook a variety of lessons in order to complete the task. In Science, children learned all about forces including friction and air resistance in an attempt to make their Karts go faster. They carried out tests and investigations and worked scientifically just like real engineers would. When collecting data, many classes used their maths skills to create graphs and charts, measure distances and use accurate timings. As well as all of the science behind the project, children also had to prove their creativity in Art and DT lessons by designing a Go-Kart that looked incredible. Each year took a very different approach with the final Karts presented as Bees, Jungle or Rainforest themed, Back to the Future inspired Deloreans, a Hogwarts Express train, a Pirate Ship and the famous car Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. All of the finished results were stunning with children working very hard to turn their designs into reality. Throughout the week it was great to see all children getting involved and picking up tools to hammer, saw, screw and drill their Kart into a final working vehicle. On the Friday it was then time to test out the finished Karts. Selected drivers from each year group drove their vehicles down our specially created track in as fast a time as possible. It was an amazing morning and a fitting end to what had been a brilliant week. Each year group was then judged against 5 criteria to decide final positions. In an extremely tight competition it ended with Year 2 in 3rd place, Year 1 in 2nd and finally Y5 crowned as overall champions. Well done to all pupils and staff for your hard work and effort.

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