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Staff List 2020 -2021

Senior Leadership

Mrs Lisa Seton - Headteacher
Mr Ian Weatherley - Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Laura Lightfoot - Assistant Headteacher 
Mr Roger Osborne - Senior Leader Keystage One,  History Lead, Volunteer Link

Mrs Tracey Welford - Senior Leader Lower Key Stage Two, English Lead 

Mr Will Sadler - Senior Leader Upper Key Stage Two, Music, Performing Arts and Geography Lead

Mrs Tina Horsey - School Business Manager


Mrs Vicky Moxon and Mrs Amy Hardcastle - Nursery Teacher

Nursery Nurses:
Mrs Victoria Blyth
Mrs Sara Findley
Mrs Marie Bennett - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Nicola Brooke - teaching Assistant


Miss Becky Sharp - Class Teacher (Sharp's Starfish)
Miss Katrina Lewis - Class Teacher (Lewis' Ladybirds)
MFL lead
Mrs Elaine Atkinson - Teaching Assistant
Miss Michaela Lines - Teaching Assistant

Year 1

 Miss Keely Wood - Class Teacher (Wood's Woodpeckers)
Mrs Alex Osborne - Class Teacher (Osborne's Owls)
 Maths Lead
Mrs Judith Quigley - Teaching Assistant
Miss Michelle Pickard- Teaching Asssitant
Mrs Donesca Schmidt - Teaching Assistant

Year 2

Mr Roger Osborne - Class Teacher (Osborne's Ospreys)
Senior Leader Key Stage One, History Lead, Volunteer Link

Miss Zoe Atkinson - Class Teacher (Atkinson's Admirals)
Art Lead, Phonics Lead

Mrs Amanda Balme - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Michelle Curtis- Teaching Assistant

Office Team

Mrs Tina Horsey - School Business Manager

Mrs Leanne Phillips - Office Administrator

Mrs Pippa Crossland - Office Administrator

Mrs Wendy Carlise - Office Administrator

Cleaning Team

Mr Lloyd Stoney - School Superintendent
Mrs Joanne Crossland - School Cleaner  
Mrs Jeanette Thelin-Shaw - School Cleaner
Mrs Julie Buchanan - School Cleaner
Mrs Joanne McGee - School Cleaner
Mrs Julie Kennedy - School Cleaner

Key Holders

Mr Paul Mann - Key Holder    

Year 3

Mrs Amy Chester - Class Teacher (Chester's Chiffchaffs)
 Maths Lead
Mrs Emma Davis - Class Teacher (Davis' Dolphins)
Science Lead
Mrs Lesley Barrett - Teaching Assistant

Year 4

Mrs Tracey Welford - Class Teacher (Welford's Wolves)
Senior Leader Lower Key Stage Two, English Lead and Teaching Assistant Link    

Mrs Amy Barone - Class Teacher (Barone's Bees)
Computing Lead
   Miss Lisa Johnson - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jo Martin - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jill Dobson - Teaching Assistant

Year 5

Miss Naomi Gough - Class Teacher (Gough's Grasshoppers)
English and Library Lead
Mr Luke Warwick - Class Teacher (Warwick's Wildcats)
 DT lead
Mrs Liz Mann - Teaching Assistant

Year 6

Mrs Charlotte Collinson - Class Teacher (Collinson's Caterpillars)

Mr Will Sadler - Class Teacher (Sadler's Stoats)
 Senior Leader Upper Key Stage Two, Music, Performing Arts and Geography Lead

Mrs Julie Welham - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Katrina Leeman - Teaching Assistant

Cover Supervisors

Mrs Justine Hardisty
Mr Balraj Singh Gill

Intervention Teachers

Mrs Alison Eldred - Booster Support and Class Teacher


Mrs Suzanne Priestnall - Special Educational Needs Coordinator

Mrs Sarah Riches - School Learning Mentor
Mrs Sharon Beaumont - School Learning Mentor and Support for School Council

Lunchtime Staff

 Mrs Lee Pedley - School Catering Manager
Mrs Janine Lambert - Catering Supervisor
 Mr Andrew Grayson  - Catering Assistant
Miss Stephanie Varley - Catering Assistant
Mrs Emma Rathbone - Catering Assistant
Mrs Pardeep Kaur - Catering Assistant
Mrs Michelle Ullah - Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr Nigel Medd - Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs Tracey Harland - Lunchtime Assistant
      Mr Lloyd Stoney - Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs Jeanette Thelin-Shaw - Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs Joanne Crossland - Lunchtime Assistant
Miss Lauren Williamson - Lunchtime Assistant
  Miss Joanne Young - Lunchtime Assistant        

Breakfast Club Staff

Mrs Michelle Ullah - Breakfast Club Manager
Miss Stephanie Varley

After School Club Staff

Mrs Michelle Ullah
Miss Lisa Johnson
Miss Michelle Pickard
Mr Andy Grayson
Mr Nigel Medd


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