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Staff List 2018-19

Senior Leadership

Mrs Karen Patel - Headteacher
Mr Ian Weatherley - Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Debra Drysdale - Senior Leader Foundation Stage

Mrs Tracey Welford - Senior Leader Key Stage One, Teaching Assistant Link

Mrs Louise Davison - Senior Leader Lower Key Stage Two, Subject Leader for Music and Performing Arts, Student Link

Mr Roger Osborne - Senior Leader Upper Key Stage Two Assessment Lead


Mrs Debra Drysdale - Senior Leader
Foundation Stage Leader, Nursery Teacher

Nursery Nurses:
Mrs Wendy Betts
Mrs Victoria Blyth
Mrs Sara Findley
Mrs Nicola Sykes - Teaching Assistant


Mrs Amy Hardcastle (Maternity Leave) - Class Teacher (Acorns) Subject Leader for PSHCE
Mrs Jo Murray - Maternity Cover Class Teacher

Mrs Claire Westmoreland- Class Teacher (Conkers)
Subject Leader for Eco Schools
Mrs Katie Jewison - Class Teacher (Conkers)
Subject Leader for RE

  Miss Katie Wilkinson - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Elaine Atkinson - Foundations Stage Teaching Assistant

Year 1

 Miss Zoe Atkinson - Class Teacher (1A)
Subject Lead for Art

      Mrs Rebecca Rossitier - Class Teacher (1RM) 
Mrs Vicky Moxon (Maternity Leave) - Class Teacher (1RM) Subject Leaders for PE 
Mrs Jo Kennedy - Class Teacher Maternity Cover
Mrs Julie Burtonshaw - Teaching Assistant
Miss Lisa Johnson - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Judith Quigley - Teaching Assistant
Miss Olivia Henly - Teaching Asssitant

Year 2

Mrs Tracey Welford - Class Teacher (2W)
Senior Leader Key Stage One, Subject Leader for English, Teaching Assistant Link

Mrs Alex Osborne - Class Teacher (2O)
-Subject Leader for History

Mrs Nicola Wolf - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Joanne Lowton - Teaching Assistant
Miss Salli Dobson - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Lynn Thompson - Teaching Assistant

Office Team

Mrs Tina Horsey - School Business Manager
Mrs Julie Lally - Senior Office Administrator
Miss Pippa Ashworth - Office Administrator

Cleaning Team

Mr Lloyd Stoney - School Superintendent
Mrs Brenda Wright - School Cleaner
Mrs Avril Allen - School Cleaner
Mrs Maurine Bedford - School Cleaner
Mrs Andrea Bramham - School Cleaner
Mrs Joanne Crossland - School Cleaner  
Mrs Mathisa Barclay - School Cleaner
Mrs Deana Stanger - School Cleaner
Mrs Jeanette Thelin-Shaw - School Cleaner

Key Holders

Mr Paul Mann - Key Holder    
Mr Craig Hardisty - Key Holder   

Year 3

Mrs Amy Barone - Class Teacher (3B)
Subject Leader for ICT
Mrs Emma Davis - Class Teacher (3D)
 Subject Leader for Science
Mrs Amanda Balme - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jill Dobson - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jo Martin - Teaching Assistant

Year 4

Mrs Louise Davison - Class Teacher (4D)
Senior Leader Lower Key Stage Two, Subject Leader for Music and Performing Arts, Student Link    

Mr Luke Warwick - Class Teacher (4W)
   Miss Michelle Conder - Teaching Assistant
Miss Michelle Pickard - Teaching Assistant

Year 5

Miss Naomi Gough - Class Teacher (5G)
Subject Leader for Library

Mr Roger Osborne - Class Teacher (5O)
 Senior Leader Upper Key Stage Two Assessment Lead
Miss Alison Preston - Trainee Teacher
Mrs Liz Mann - Teaching Assistant

Year 6

Mrs Amy Chester - Class Teacher (6C)
 Subject Leader for Mathematics

Mrs Gilian Wales - Class Teacher (6W)
Subject Leader for Geography

Mrs Julie Welham - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Katrina Leeman - Teaching Assistant

Cover Supervisors

Mrs Justine Hardisty
Mr Balraj Gill

Intervention Teachers

Mrs Marie Bennett - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Leslie Barrett - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sarah Ball - Teaching Assistant Speech and Language
Mrs Alison Eldred - Teacher Booster Programme


Mrs Suzanne Priestnall - Special Educational Needs Coordinator

Mrs Sarah Riches - School Learning Mentor
Mrs Sharon Beaumont - School Learning Mentor and
Support for School Council

Lunchtime Staff

Mrs Michelle Ullah - Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr Nigel Medd - Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs Tracey Harland - Lunchtime Assistant
      Mr Lloyd Stoney - Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs Brenda Wright - Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs Karen Ibson - Lunchtime Assistant
Miss Emma Gardner - Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs Gemma Spence - Lunchtime Assisstant
Miss Lauren Williamson - Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs Lee Pedley - School Catering Manager
Mr Andrew Grayson - Catering Assistant
Miss Stephanie Varley - Catering Assistant
Miss Rebecca Manley - Catering Assistant
Mrs Emma Rathbone - Catering Assistant

Breakfast Club Staff

Mrs Michelle Ullah - Breakfast Club manager
Mrs Liz Mann
Mrs Andrea Bramham
Mrs Brenda Wright

After School Club Staff

Mrs Michelle Ullah
Miss Salli Dobson
Miss Michelle Pickard
Mr Andy Grayson
Mr Nigel Medd


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