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In this section we will be posting competitions that we hope you can get involved in. We hope to be able to add one every other week (if not more often if we get lots of good ideas!!)

Keep checking back to look for what is coming up next!

Our first one will be involving famous works of art!



As well as some competitions we might be able to get the whole school involved in some exciting challenges. Look out for the first one here soon. 

Some of the challenges will be introduced in the weekly assembly, so check out the Assembly page for more info. 

We hope to be able to give out awards for those children taking part in the challenges in each year group.



Our first competition is all about recreating a famous painting. You can do this in any way that you can think of. It might include yourself and/or members of your family, it could be recreated using household objects or even made out of food! 

To get you started Mrs Seton and Mr Weatherley have had a go at a David Hockney picture. What do you think?

Mrs Seton and Mr Weatherley

Have a go yourself and send us the results. You can post a picture of your amazing recreation on your class Dojo page or email it to info@tnhps.rklt.co.uk. We will upload your pictures to this section of the website (please let us know if you would rather we didn't post it on the website)

Good luck and get creative!

Thank you to everyone that has submitted some art recreations. They are AMAZING. Watch the slides below to see them. Keep them coming in....


Writing comp

Mrs Welford and Miss Gough need your help in a writing challenge!

Your mission is to write a letter to a famous person who you admire or who inspires you, to see if you get a reply! We want you to send us a photo on Dojo/Tapestry of your letter AND the reply. We will then put the famous replies on the website and there will be some prizes.

The closing date is March 26th because it can sometimes take a while to receive a reply from famous people.

The mission is for everyone in school....are you prepared to have a go?

Well done to everyone that has taken part in the writing challenge. We have started to receive some very exciting replies from our children. We hope that there are many more currently on their way in the post! Please contniue to send them in if you get one. 

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