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Transition to Year 3

I have uploaded a short video on ClassDojo for you to watch before you try the following tasks:

  • List as many British animals that you know. This could be split into categories e.g. mammals, birds, reptiles, insects, amphibians etc. (If you don't already know which animal some of the other teachers have chosen, then maybe you could guess).
  • Research the Chiffchaff e.g. where it lives, what it eats, a description of the animal, differences between male/female/young, special features linked to the animal etc.
  • Design a logo for yourself using a British animal that matches your surname. This could be in a similar style to the class logo or a completely different style of your choice. 
  • Draw, paint, collage or sculpt our class animal. This can be in any style or size.

Here is a website with lots of different British wildlife for you to explore: https://www.avonwildlifetrust.org.uk/wildlife-explorer

Mrs Chester.

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